Cambodia - Oral Health promotion in schools in Kampong Cham


“Bike for Cambodia” (, a non-profit organization from 2010, was established with the goal to build schools in Cambodia. The NGO has now started an oral health promotion program in schools in order to improve the children’s oral health.


Due to socioeconomic constraints, children in Cambodia suffer from untreated dental caries. In order to reduce the burden of caries and improve the oral hygiene among children, “Bike for Cambodia” has introduced a programme to promote oral health among the schoolchildren in Kampong Cham.

Programme Outline

Children brush in school once every day, six days a week, and are encouraged to brush in the mornings and evenings at home.

A dental clinic has been built in one school premises in 2012, where a dental hygienist provides oral health education and care for children from three schools in the area, free of charge.

Children will receive fluoride varnish applications twice /year.


  • At present there are over 1200 children involved in the tooth brushing program.
  • In total 1120 kids have been treated twice with fluoride.
  • So far 3088 toothbrushes have been distributed.
  • Tooth extractions have been performed for over 500 children.
  • So far 86 fillings have been completed.


Shops in the school area sell sweet snacks which is not good for the health of the children’s teeth.


This program has not only helped in education by building schools, but also in improving the oral health of the schoolchildren in Kampong Cham area.