Russian Federation - Programme focusing educating parents of infants on the prevention of caries, Moscow


Caries prevalence among 3-yr-olds in Moscow is relatively high, prompting a programme applying prevention strategies for infants, which was initiated in one district in Moscow since 2015.

Background and Rationale

When parents were interviewed, it was evident that the parents lacked the knowledge perspective on proper oral health education and technique that would help them care for their infant’s oral health. The aim of this programme therefore was to bring about positive change in knowledge among parents of young children following the first year of the programme.

Programme Outline

  • During 2015-16, a total of 232 6-8 months old children and their parents participated in this program.
  • The children and parents visited the clinics, and parents received intensive oral health education and training in toothbrushing according to their child’s tooth status.
  • Parents were interviewed about their child’s oral health and feeding habits at baseline and after one year.
  • Plaque accumulation and caries were recorded.


  • After one year 117 out of the 232 children (50%) dropped out of the programme.
  • Four percent of the children showed initial caries and 50% had visible plaque.
  • The number of parents brushing their children’s teeth increased from15% to 100% and 86% of parents brushed their child’s teeth twice a day.
  • Seventy two percent of the parents chose toothbrushes according to dentist’s advice.
  • Toothpaste use increased from 9% to 100%.
  • Bottle feeding children decreased from 67% to 14% and night feeding decreased from 88% to 69%.
  • After one year, no parent used sugar containing formula for the children and 72% stopped breastfeeding.
  • Number of children fed more than eight times a day decreased from 48% to 14%.


This programme successfully demonstrated the positive changes brought about among parents of infants who received intensive oral health education, where the burden of oral diseases among children were decreased.


Kuzmina I, Ekstrand KR, Said D, Demuria L. Change in Caries Knowledge of Parents of6–8-Month-Olds Involved in Punctually Applied Caries Prevention in Moscow: 1 Year Results. Caries Res 2017;51:290–385. (p356).


By Stjernswärd J, Kuzmina I, Ekstrand K.