Saudi Arabia - The Celebration of the 20th anniversary of the accession to the throne of King Fahd Ibn Abdul-Aziz

In January 2002, King Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud, completed 20 years as a king and prime minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In order to celebrate this national occasion, all the Ministries in the Kingdom put forward several activities through their branches and directorates all over the country.

The Ministry of Health celebrated this in hospitals and health care centres in every city and town in the country. This presentation is based on the celebratory activities of the Specialist Dental Centre of Alnoor Specialist Hospital, Mecca.

Background and Rationale

All the Departments and Centres of Alnoor Specialist Hospital arranged an exhibition for the public in which they presented the improvements of their services during these 20 years of King Fahd leadership in the Kingdom. Specialist Dental Centre of this hospital, made a significant contribution in the exhibition.

Project Outline and Achievements

The Dental Centre is composed of 25 specialist dental clinics covering all specialties of dentistry in addition to dental laboratory for the construction of all types of dental appliances and prosthesis. The activities of the Specialist Dental Centre's team in this exhibition can be summarized as follows:

  • The exhibition was open for 5 days and at least 100 people were visiting it daily and opening hours were from 4 pm - 10 pm.
  • Several staff from the Centre were positioned in the area assigned for the Specialist Dental Centre to present its exhibits for visitors.
  • Statistics of the total number of patients treated in the centre in all dental specialities for the last five years were illustrated in large posters.
  • Small labels with bold large fonts were put in front of different dental appliances and machines from the dental laboratory.
  • Posters showing many dental cases and treatment steps were presented.
  • Many posters of oral hygiene instructions were also presented.
  • Simple gift packages composed of a small tooth paste, toothbrush, and a cup were given to every visitor.
  • Simple and summarised oral hygiene instructions in nicely printed sheets were also given out.


The Exhibition aimed at providing facts and information about different branches of dentistry and the improvements that have been achieved during those 20 years of King Fahd's leadership.

This anniversary was a very good occasion to educate the public regarding their oral health by posters, information, interaction with staff, the gift packages and the oral hygiene instructions.


We wish to thank Dr M Al-Harthy, former Director of Specialist Dental Centre of Alnoor Specialist Hospital, Mecca and currently Postgraduate Dental Surgeon, Faculty of Odontoloy, Malmo University (2007) for this presentation and illustrations.